Songs For Blunt

1. Cradle Of Filth - Nymphetamine (His Fav)

2. Warren Zevon - Keep Me In Your Heart

Songs Will Play In a Loop


Sniper/Mike - "Bluntman, you were an awesome DJ and a great person. You stood by Hookah when even most of us took a step back. There have been good times, and there have been bad times. And Bluntman you stayed loyal through the best of both. We all have our inner pain but yours is now at peace."

Rain/Rach - "Kilian was a dedicated Dj, and a good person. He was passionate about what he did at Hookah, and he loved every minute of it. I'll never forget his "Weeeeeeeee"'s and all the nights he stayed up and played tac ops with us. He will be greatly missed, and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends."

Jaime- "Some are bound to die young By dying young a person stays young in people's memory. If he burns brightly before he dies, his brightness shines for all time." --Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Angel- "I remember how happy he looked every time he got on the air....he could have been in the worst mood, but as soon as he was getting ready to go on it made him happy"

WestCoast "Bluntman was the best DJ I've ever had the Fortunate experience of working with. He always was there to make you laugh, He always brought a smile to your face when you were down. He made you realize how precious life was in general"

Ria - "Bluntman was a very passionate dj, who loved what he did and loved all of his friends. He had a really big heart, and a way of making people feel better when they were down."

Zeigh - "We’ve all lost a great DJ, a great friend, and a dedicated music lover. Bluntman, I didn’t have the longest running term to work with you, but the short time I did I got to know you quite well. You were a great friend to many and very dedicated to what you did… Whether that was music or weed. Your eclectic taste in music brought many and earned you the respect you deserved. I’m glad to have met you.
You will always be remembered."

Bekah - "Dj Bluntman was a awesome dude and a great dj....and a very close friend that i held close to my heart..hes surely gonna be missed."

Josee- "My condolences to the family and he was an awesome DJ and a great friend."

Jay - "He was a wonderful Dj, he was great to be around. Kilian you were a great friend and will be sorely missed. rest in peace my friend and while your looking down upon us taking that hit from the big bowl in the sky we will always remember.

DJ Killa aka Ralph -"Bluntman was an extraordinary member of the Hookah Family, everyday he rocked the web for hundreds of people, giving them the best of rock.. Everyday he gave us hours of smiles and laughter... He wasn't the best at TacOps but he had us dying of laughter. He was the center of our parties and the flame to our hookah... May his famous Blunt-A-Thon live on, I love you bro

Stinger Nitro -"R.I.P. Bluntman"

Eric - Bluntman you were like a brother to me and were a great guy my you rest peacefully where ever you may roam and will always be in my thoughts and will never be forgotten rest well awesome dj may you run your own dj show in the sky.

James - "To Bluntman, The Most Loyal Person a Friend Can ask for, Funny, Kind, Never Judged Anyone, You Will Be Forever Missed, Rest In Paridise Old Friend.
~James Cheney~ "

Tj - " its gonna be odd not getting daily masses of him waxing and the weeeeeeeeeeeeeeees"

Hellboy - "Kilian's aka bluntman you gonna be greatly missed i cant put in words brother how much .. it bug's me when i heard the news i cried because i lost a dear an true friend an brother but brother your gonna to a awsome place an i hope to see u soon ... those of u whom didnt know Kilian's aka bluntman shoulda known him .. he was a awsome person an so frigging big hearted ... still speechless brother"